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@Source-Energy &
Renewable Resource Recovery Corp.

What we do

We develop zero carbon footprint systems

Renewable Resource Recovery Corp. (R3C) was incorporated as an Ontario corporation in March 2009. We are a licensing company that authorizes producers to manufacture and install our patented @Source-Energy products.

We also license businesses to manage the energy produced by our @Source-Energy Systems. Companies interested in becoming a licensed manufacturer or energy provider should contact R3C directly.

Contact info


Canada 705-840-3660
USA 917-970-1028



2477, Maley Drive
Sudbury, ON, P3A 4R7, Canada


Specialty Concrete Products Award Trophy

Acknowledged by Concrete Canada, R3C was awarded the Specialty Concrete Products Award Trophy for the @Source-Energy Pipe. This honour was awarded at the Ontario Concrete Awards Banquet, held in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in December of 2009.

Our team

Boris Naneff, P. Eng.

Founding Director and President of R3C and Rainbow Concrete Industries
Concrete business executive

John Hood C.E.T.

VP of Research and Development and founding director of R3
Founding Director of Sustainable Building and Energy Consultants (SBE)
Retired college dean

Les Lisk, B. Sc.(Hon)

VP of Finance and a founding Director of R3C and President of Sustainable Building and Energy Consultants (SBE)
Retired education professional who specialized in geothermal energy