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@Source-Energy Pipe:
A carbon neutral reliable energy source

Concrete sewage pipe heat recovery system

@Source-Energy Pipe

The @Source-Energy Pipe is a precast concrete sewage (sanitary and storm) pipe with a heat recovery system embedded in the pipe wall. The system recovers heat from sewage effluent in the pipe and/or the ground surrounding the pipe. The system also rejects heat to the sewage effluent, the pipe and the ground surrounding the pipe, thus becoming a thermal battery.

The System is connected to and controlled by heat pumps in buildings. The heat pump functions to upgrade the low-level heat collected by the @Source-Energy System and to distribute the upgraded heat into the building.

In hot weather, the heat pumps reverse, removing heat from the building and rejecting that heat to the @Source-Energy Pipe, cooling the building. Heat rejected to the pipes is stored in the ground for recovery in cold weather to heat the building.

Composition of the System

@Source-Energy Pipes are installed as the public sewage pipe line which is usually buried along the street in front of the building. Each building is assigned a length of pipes as a heat recovery system. Plastic (HDPE) pipes connect the building to the System and are located at the lot line. A valve at the lot line is used to open or close the heat recovery System to that building. The building owner is usually responsible to connect a heat pump in the building to the heat recovery connections (pipes) at the lot line. Precast concrete pipes are custom engineered products with superior strength and durability. The @Source-Energy Pipes exceed the structural strength requirements of the CSA standard 3-edge bearing test.

What are the benefits from using @Source-Energy Pipes?

Who benefits from using @Source-Energy System?

  • Heating requirements for a 10-unit condominium – estimated to be to be 193,000 BTU/hr, could be met with approximately 600 ft of 300 mm @Source-Energy Pipe.
  • This could result in a saving of approximately $52,000 over installing geothermal wells, and the elimination of approximately 78.4T of CO2 per year over natural gas as the energy source, equivalent to removing 17 cars off the road.
  • Since a sewage line is being installed anyway, there is little additional work to installing @Source-Energy Pipes.
  • If the sewer line is on the condominium property, the ownership of their energy source can be very attractive to condominium purchasers.
  • A municipality converts its sewage pipes into a revenue source through selling energy to homeowners/businesses.
  • @Source-Energy Pipes are carbon neutral thereby assisting municipalities to meet their carbon targets.
  • Green communities are more attractive to residential and business property purchasers, thereby increasing the municipality’s tax base.
  • In a 10,000-home community the CO2 reduction would be approximately 78,000 T of CO2 per year and the equivalent of elimination of 17,000 cars off the road.
  • Manufacturing of @Source-Energy Pipes creates local jobs in the community.
  • @Source-Energy Pipes can be the primary component of a district energy system.
  • Homeowners have the advantage of a dependable energy source without the burden of annual increases in costs associated with conventional energy sources.
  • Home resale values are higher for those with green energy.
  • @Source-Energy Pipes provide a safe, reliable energy source.
  • Homes on the @Source-Energy System do not have an unsightly chimney belching out carbon gas into the atmosphere.
  • There are no geothermal loops or wells on the home-owners property.
  • A license to manufacture @Source-Energy Pipes is a new business opportunity.
  • Local concrete pipe manufacturers licensed by R3C to manufacture @Source-Energy Pipes creates jobs and brings new revenue to the community.
  • Energy providers are licensed by R3C to manage the energy moved through @Source-Energy Pipes.
  • Energy providers fund the installation of the @Source-Energy Pipes and collect energy delivery fees from homeowners and businesses connected to the energy system. This reduces the cost to developers.
  • @Source-Energy Pipes can be the primary component of a district energy system.
  • Energy providers may be electrical utilities, municipal works and industrial enterprises.

You can become a prosumer

District Energy System

As you can both PROduce and conSUME energy, you become a “prosumer”. With district system, the load flattering reduces the infrastructure needs

district energy distribution
infrastructure need with district energy system

Licensed manufacturers

Rainbow Concrete Industries Ltd

If you are interested in license opportunities for @Source-Energy Pipes or if you wish to have more information, please communicate with us.