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@Source-Energy System:
For a zero Carbon footprint

Get optimal benefits with

@Source-Energy System

We currently hold patents pending on two products:

  • @Source-Energy Pipe, which extracts geothermal heat from the ground plus heat from the effluent in the pipe;
  • @Source-Energy Panel, a co-gen photovoltaic (PV) panel that produces both electricity and heat.

These can be linked together to gain the benefits of both systems.


In hot weather, heat generated by the @Source-Energy Panels flows to the @Source-Energy Pipes where it is stored in the ground surrounding the pipes, functioning as a thermal battery. That heat is then later recovered as required to heat the building and or hot water.

The thermal energy is controlled by a standard heat pump. Heat pumps have an energy efficiency ranging from 3.5 to 8 times that of typical electrical heating systems. Their life span ranges from 25 to 40 years.

Net zero energy business models are attractive to investors

@Source-Energy System is a resilient fossil fuel-free heating and cooling system with below ground thermal storage and optional electricity generation/storage that facilitates GHG reduction targets, which can be combined with photovoltaic panels.

The initial capital investment into district heating and cooling, solar and energy efficiency is recovered over time through utility charges. A steady revenue stream is generated.

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Why should you opt for a district energy system instead of an individual one?

Individual building energy distribution

individual building energy distribution

District energy distribution

district energy distribution
Contiguous municipal sewer pipes can function as a distribution system. The split and the difference between the peaks of demand makes it possible to reduce the total needs at the level of the infrastructure.
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